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"I have taken two workshops with Courtney Dailey, and I highly recommend working with her. She is a pleasure to work with – down to earth, friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable. She was able to answer my questions and give me feedback as I worked. Most importantly, I received stunning portfolio images from both workshops. She is able to shoot quickly and capture great images, and I received the images in a timely manner after the workshops."- Kris M

Concerning my MUA Portfolio Building workshop Chicago 2016 "Totally worth it! I am in an area where I don't have access to this caliber of results on a consistent basis, and in a reasonable amount of time. I got in six hours what it would have taken me several weeks to achieve at home. Thank you!" - Megan Leavitt

"Hi! I just wanted to write and say thank you so much. I submitted my proposal and at first I was told by the lady there's no way in hell they would pay me that much because everyone else only quoted them about $1500 But that they would go ahead and send it up to the decision-makers. So, I did not hear from them for quite a while and I assumed it was a no go... but I just received word that my budget ($8000) has been approved and that we are going ahead with the project next week. I don't know where I would've been without your help on this proposal. I appreciate you so much!" -Belinda

"Quick testimonial: I took the Clean Beauty class yesterday in Detroit yesterday. Needed to fill the 'commercial' void in my book so having the photo shoot aspect incorporated was invaluable to me : THUMBS UP! I enjoyed the class and felt it was well worth going!"- Sylvia S

"I was fortunate enough to take Courtney's clean beauty workshop with Kim Young in Boston and it was by far one of the best workshops I have taken for my career. From the beginning, before the class even began, Courtney was super accommodating and welcoming. She made it a breeze considering finances prevented me from signing on until last minute when most workshops would have long before excluded me. During the actual workshop, she was very thorough, honest, but also very kind in her critiques and observations. I learned so much in a very short amount of time about lighting, angles, and how do adjust my makeup applications according to the two. She has a great way with models to get the absolute best out of them in a very short amount of time. As a result of the maybe 10 minutes she shot my model, I now have 3 of the best beauty shots in my portfolio! I highly recommend working with Courtney if you can, it's well worth it!"- Alexandra A

"Courtney, Thank You for teaching a fabulous workshop and braving the snow to DC/VA. The models that you selected were gorgeous and awesome. I learned a lot more about lighting and posing. The smaller size class allowed me spend more to focus on the type lights, soft boxes and lighting placement.  It was fun to try out all of the lighting equipment.  Also, it was really helpful to me to watch you skillfully apply makeup on the models and see the results. You made all three of the models look even more amazing. It was great! Thank you!'-Andy




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